How an Oil perfume does look like ?
21 nov.

How an Oil perfume does look like ?

You have surely heard the term "Perfume oil" several times but without necessarily knowing what it is, don't you ?
For those who hadn't have yet the opportunity to rub shoulders with this magnificent elixir, or who do not really know what it is, here is a brief description.

• The first thing you've got to know is probably that despite its name "Oil", you should not expect an over-fat aspect. The texture is actually viscous and oily, but after the application on the skin, the substance is incorporated directly and you do not feel any unpleasant fatty effects.

• Another thing to know, Perfume Oil is only used in very small quantities. It is a concentrated product, which should not be abused. Do not be surprised by the volume that is usually 12ml (sometimes 15ml), as it is very rare to see larger volume. Unlike Eau de Parfum, much more diluted, available generally in volume of 50ml and 100ml.
For example, these oils can persist even after having performed its ablutions several times. Only one application is enough!

• Finally, there is no symptom after inhalation, unlike some widespread perfumes that cause headaches or dizziness in some people because of their very strong scents (as if there was a high dose of alcohol or Other product in excessive quantity).